Helping Cafecito

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Rabbitats and the Little Paws Animal Clinic helped out a little old bunny named Cafecito today. Cafecito is almost 13, he’s blind in one eye, very thin, he has some output issues and a bit of a wobble, but with some good advice and supportive care, he should be enjoying life with his disabled guardian for a while yet. Thanks so much to Deanna for taking him in and Dr. Joseph and staff for seeing him on a busy day!

Easter & Uno

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Meet Easter and Uno. Easter was a scraggly dumped white rabbit living right beside a very busy road our volunteers have been keeping an eye on. We don’t have the room or the funds to take her but when she stopped eating and started looking even worse for wear, we figured we’d squeeze her in somehow, even if it meant separating her from her mate, Uno (named for his one white paw). As it turned out, both Easter and Uno almost immediately came hopping into our net and *poof*, we have two more rabbits. Good news for Easter and bad news for us, she’s probably looking so rough because she’s pregnant. PS: She really is a white rabbit, she’s just covered in boy spray. (Ick!) If you can donate towards their spay and neuter (and the spay/neuters of any babies) we’d appreciate it. We CAN’T keep taking on rabbits like this without your support. Here’s a link:

RIP Blackie

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We’ve lost Blackie and we’re devastated. :'( He’s had a chronic ear infection, it had been under control before this recent flare-up that caused major head tilt and other issues. He was trying so hard to get better (and Deanna had been trying so hard to make him better) but in spite of twice daily shots and supportive care, he didn’t make it through the night. Our hearts go our to his moms Tiffany and Randi, and his bunny partner Hiccup.  This has been an awful week for black bunnies, we’ve lost Tommy Lee, Chad and now Blackie.
(And Toby, a black(ish) lionhead who had been bonded to Kirky, also passed away this week, Kirky is now back with us). Sad humans and bunnies. 

A call for volunteers

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Big Bertha with her jaw abscesses is doing okay but now we’re losing Dancer, another one of the very first rabbits trapped at the Auto Mall and part of our first colony of a dozen or so that went to our Surrey, BC, sanctuary. She was an adult when trapped 4 1/2 years ago. We just lost Dee Dee and another bunny from that group before her. Old age is setting in. (Kudos to sanctuary manager Kathy Lucier for spotting the problems so quickly). Meanwhile, we need more help with special needs rabbits, that’s our biggest issue. We have a hard time finding the resources to care for the sick and injured ones. We don’t have the volume of shelter volunteers who can handle the frequency and timing required to medicate rabbits, etc.. We REALLY need more volunteers willing to help with that. We don’t want to see these bunnies suffer and they have a lot of life in them yet so we don’t want to euthanize them, either. Please message or email if you can help!

Big Bertha

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Big Bertha, one of our earliest Auto Mall rescues — trapped as an adult in 2013 — was spotted at the sanctuary with a lump on her face, and the subsequent vet visit showed she had abscesses on both sides of her jaw as well as fragmented bone. The jaw was too fragile to attempt dental examination, the vet says it could also a dental issue or trauma from running into something. He put her under, cleaned out the infection, put her on antibiotics and she’s actually doing okay so far — she’s eating pellets and produce and being a very good patient! (Thanks to Kathy Lucier for the stellar care).


Spokesbunny Vira Has Foot Surgery

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Vira, the dutch-marked Flemish Giant we found dumped near the Richmond Auto Mall a year and a half ago, has had a reoccurring persistent infection in her foot for the past year leaving our vet no recourse but to do a partial amputation October 19.  In spite of her unknown age, mild heart murmur and other problems, she came through the surgery just fine.  Huge thanks to Dr. Joseph Martinez at the Little Paws Animal Hospital in Richmond, BC!


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