Little white baby!

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Deanna Hamm takes such good care of our special needs guys. She built a nest from loose bunny hair for the little baby picked up off the street earlier this week, and when he/she started to get the dreaded diarrhea stressed out babies are prone to, she nursed the little one back to proper poops. She’s also been keeping the little tyke warm and de-stressed with some reassuring cuddles, and she’s been getting some grooming in return. The baby isn’t out of the woods yet, but he or she is in very good hands.

The little white baby found on the street went to see Dr. Martinez at the Little Paws Animal Clinic today. The little tyke tested positive for parasites so he or she (still too young to tell) has been prescribed panacur and (expensive) supplements along with nutritious food (like Dr. Joseph’s own dandelion). Thankfully there’s no sign of coccidia or further signs of enteritis. Please donate to our Sick Bunny Fund to help us keep helping these rabbits!

End of January baby season?

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End of January, cold, wet weather or not, it’s baby season. (And we keep telling people rabbits are smart!) These little guys were the only survivors in a flooded nest up the road from the Auto Mall. They were born in front of an office where a kind staffer took them in.

The three new Richmond babies (although now there are four). They are very delicate at this age, they were all found in rough shape, send them lots of good wishes for their recoveries!

Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary Trip

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The trip out to the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary yesterday left us speechless. The good work that Diane, Stephen and their volunteers do is truly amazing. And what everybody did for Rabbitats was phenomenal.
First off, meet Bunny the chicken. We started the day by being asked to pick up a Christmas chicken on the way. A family had apparently been given this girl for dinner but thankfully had a change of heart and wanted to surrender her. The sanctuary had recently taken in 25 about to be euthanized by UBC’s farm program so what was one more. Towards the end of the day, they also got a call about a sheep with an injured eye. They sprang into action, making transport and vet arrangements. The care was the priority, not the story.
Meanwhile the sanctuary had made Rabbitats the recipient of donations brought in at their open house (and we in turn had decided to share with the in-need RASTA Sanctuary), The total was a whopping $1380!!! We were stunned, barely able to say thank you at the time. We need to say thank you now. We desperately need the funds, we’ve been saddled with unforeseen rent costs and we have to move from our shelter soon. But we also really feel we need to spread some love back to Happy Herd. If the people who did not get to attend the open house on Boxing Day can see their way to making donations to account for 1/3 of what they raised for us, we’d feel a whole lot better about accepting it. Can we raise $450 for Happy Herd? Thanks to all who care!

Lucy & Charlie

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Say hi to Lucy and Charlie, our newest arrivals. They’re the test rabbits for our Christmas photo set decor. (We also have little hats and scarves but we decided not to subject these guys to that this soon). We’re just working out some dates when people can come and photograph their own bunnies and enjoy some ‘Hoppy Hour’ playtime in our play area, stay tuned!. (Our calendar is there for some shameless self-promotion, we only have a few left at the shelter so come and get ’em! Lucy thinks they’re fabulous!)

DXE Work Party

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We can’t thank the DXE crew enough for coming out to help on Sunday (and for this great video!!) . Their timing couldn’t have been better. Our shelter manager was under the weather, we had 10 new rabbits come in, a water main broke outside so the shelter had no water, the cleaning hadn’t been done and it was day three. The place was a disaster! But a dozen or so volunteers swarmed the shelter and turned an overwhelming task into an awesomely pleasant day. Please support Direct Action Everywhere, they’re such a great organization.

New Babies

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We promised more info on the new babies… We knew there were two adult black rabbits living in an inaccessible area of the Auto Mall behind a solid construction fence. They had two kits in the summer, a grey and a black, we hadn’t seen them for awhile and feared the worst. Then a fluffle of babies appeared on the visible side of the fence and Deanna went into action. We now have all five babies — thanks to the last two babies going into the trap at the same time — and one of the juveniles. (More on him later). Yay Deanna! (NOTE: We’re very good about getting bunnies IN but we need more help getting them OUT! We could use a lot more adoption help!)

Hi, I’m a boy!

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“Hi, I’m a boy!” This little guy is a juvenile trapped at the Auto Mall the other night. He has what we call ‘Whistler dusting’, a dusting of white above his nose named after the first rabbit we caught with that same marking. A few of our ferals have it. This guy led us on a merry chase after he disappeared from his holding pen, but we found him hunkered down on a shelf in the storage room. His sister (we think) is still out there, hopefully they’ll be reunited soon. (On opposite sides of some bars, seeing as they’re not spayed/neutered!)