Boxing Day Fundraiser

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Rabbitats Fundraiser at the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary

From the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary:

“On Boxing Day we like to have a get-together and give back to another local animal rescue organization who is doing great work within the community. This year we would like to recognize and raise funds for Rabbitats! They aim to save the lives of homeless, abandoned and feral pet rabbits by helping to find locations, build enclosures, trap, sterilize, contain and control the rabbit colonies.

Admission is by donation with all proceeds going to Rabbitats. Check out more info and RSVP on our Eventbrite page:

Hi, I’m a boy!

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“Hi, I’m a boy!” This little guy is a juvenile trapped at the Auto Mall the other night. He has what we call ‘Whistler dusting’, a dusting of white above his nose named after the first rabbit we caught with that same marking. A few of our ferals have it. This guy led us on a merry chase after he disappeared from his holding pen, but we found him hunkered down on a shelf in the storage room. His sister (we think) is still out there, hopefully they’ll be reunited soon. (On opposite sides of some bars, seeing as they’re not spayed/neutered!)

‘Tis the season… for moulting!

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‘‘Tis the season… for moulting! Bunnies should be given a little canned pumpkin in these hairy times, it’s a nice wet fibre that will help keep all that fuzz moving through the gut. They may not like it right off the bat but they will develop a taste for it. Our sweet 4.5 year old black bunny siblings Dolly and Lamby just presented us with a twelve-poop chain and it’s not the first time. Dolly in particular experiences an intense moult, and Deanna has had to nurse her through GI Stasis episodes in the past. They’ll be getting their pumpkin and kept under close observation.

Rabbitats 2018 Calendars

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Rabbitats 2018 Calendars are fresh in!

Beautiful photos of bunnies (& lots of baby photos!) with 100% of the proceeds going to Rabbitats to help pay for medical treatment, food, and shelter for the large number of rabbits they support every year. What could be better?

Limited supply, so get your order in now!

They’re full size calendars (11×17 extended).

$20 for your first one, and $15 for all subsequent buys. 

Get one for everyone in your family! Perfect Christmas gift!!
Email to learn how to buy yours today!