Donate today & help a bunny in need!

Photos by Sarah Virag

Sponsor a Bunny

Your kind donations go towards providing these cute and cuddly rabbits with an endless supply of hay and veggies, veterinary care, and warm shelter.

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Things we need to help the bunnies:

  • Gas Cards!
  • Cleaning Supplies: White Vinegar (tons!), Peroxide, Newspaper, Paper Towels (tons!)
  • Vet Care – exams, spays and neuters
  • Prescriptions including Revolution, Advantage, Metacam, Chlor Palm and Panacur
  • Plywood
  • Metal and Tile Roofing Materials
  • Exercise Pens –  donated or loaned
  • Rubbermaid (or any brand) Storage Bins (100+ liters preferred, smaller will work)
  • Culvert piping (corrugated plastic for bunny tunnels) 8 inches to 24 inches wide and at least 3 feet long (the longer the better)
  • Screws, wood glue, non-toxic paint (bright colors), any building supplies
  • Bottles and Cans for Recycling
  • Bunny Arts and Crafts – for pending fundraising event
  • Baking Ingredients (for Bake Sales)
  • Bales of Hay – timothy and other grass hay (can contain a small amount of alfalfa)
  • Litter – pine pellets (horse stall or wood stove)
  • Tree Branches – pesticide-free, dried apple, pear, willow or birch
  • Feeding Dishes – large heavy crocks for water and pellets, and/or pet feeders
  • Cat Grass – oat or wheat grass in large trays
  • Rabbit pellets – all brands,especially Martin Little Friends Timothy
  • Sand, Rock and Gravel
  • Storage Locker
  • Store Front (even temporarily)
  • Plastic cages bottoms (used as litter pans) and tops (used as plant cages)
  • Cash

Email us to arrange pickup/drop-off of physical donations.