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Learn more about Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue and our mission to safely house the large (and ever expanding) feral rabbit population in a sustainable and affordable way.



The most valuable thing you can donate is your time. Their are many ways you can help out: from daily cleaning & feedings, to transportation, event planning, fundraising, and promoting.


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Hiccup finds a new friend.

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Our bunny girl Hiccup was adopted in Dec 2016 along with Blackie, one of our Island boys; sadly, we recently lost Blackie, as his chronic ear infection had flared up again, causing severe head tilt and other complications (see previous post).
Their adoptive moms Tiffany and Randi didn’t want her to be lonely without Blackie (or to get used to living without a bunny friend), so Hiccup came to the shelter to meet some of our boys… and once again she chose a black Island boy to buddy up with.
Here is a video of Hiccup and Nezzie together in their carrier, ready to go home with their family.

...I am very impressed with the dedication of this group of volunteers, and what they have managed to accomplish within a strict budget. They are resourceful and creative, and definitely put the needs and well being of their animals above all else...

Michelle M.

What a wonderful group of people. I wish there was something like this near me.

Cindy B.

Thanks for all the hard work you do! It's great to see someone caring for these little souls!

Taylor F.

Please adopt from rabbit rescues, before purchasing from a pet store.
Rabbitats is a wonderful caring organization that believes in giving every rabbit a second chance

Jenni A.

Thank you for all you do! You're an amazing organization.

Don P.